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The Kings of Salsa Dura

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Orquesta SCC is a salsa dura orchestra based in New York City. The band was created by Edwin Perez and Jose Vazquez-Cofresi in 2013 out of a reorganization of the now defunct band La Excelencia which ran from 2005-2012. Orquesta SCC, whose acronym stands for Salsa Con Conciencia (salsa music with a conscience or salsa with awareness) have made it their mission to make music that benefits society in more ways than sound alone can achieve. Orquesta (orchestra) SCC are made up of 11 pieces, making them a modern big band by contemporary standards. They are well known and respected for shunning the traditional suit-and-tie uniform of former-day salsa players, as well as for breaking from many unnecessary traditions in order to recreate the genuine Latin style and sound in a manner that befits the modern era of music. A key component to this new, cutting-edge mode is their attention to lyrical themes, which often deal with the issues and complexities of modern society. The band’s works have been received with measurable success in both national and international markets, resulting in tours and sold-out performances in more than 23 European and Latin American countries, as well as the United States. Compositions have also garnered worldwide media exposure and have been featured in a variety of television programs, fitness videos, independent films and numerous CD compilations including, FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance, Zumba Fitness, NFL’s Monday Night Football, BBC’s Latin Music USA, Live at the Barbican Theatre.